Our commitments


The company the seat of which is based in Angers, in France, has besides a subsidiary in Hong-Kong employing 5 persons, which offers more closeness to assure the good development of products and watch a perfect control of the production. Our team of local surveillance checks seriously the quality of the used materials and the methods used throughout the manufacturing process and it on every stage. When products are received in France, a new check is assured in France by our team quality. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the framework of the organization world of the work of 1998, and the agreements of the organization world of the work govern the principles


You can let your toddler have fun with toys Latitude Enfant blindly because we bring a quite particular attention on the safety. The label CE we affix on the packaging of our toys proves that this one is in compliance with the European safety standards which govern toys: EN71 part 1.2.3. All our products are strictly tested by approved laboratories and world leaders of the certification such as the LNE, Bureau Veritas or Intertek . The toy is going to be subjected by the child to very rough treatments: twisted, stretched, thrown, compressed all these tortures were already imposed during the tests to answer the part(party) 1 of the standard. Products also have to guarantee a certain resistance in the distribution of the fire. We also know that the toy will be carried in baby's mouth, sucked, chewed on, bitten and that he must thus be exempt from any substance dangerous for the good development of your child such as heavy metals, phtalates (in the PVC) or the migration of certain elements (part 3). As well as our fabrics are guaranteed dyed without colouring agents azoïques (components potentially harmful for the health).